Jered Engineering & Designs Ltd. isn’t just about transforming offices; we transform businesses. Since incorporated (RC 1805145) in 2021, we’ve empowered companies to thrive in stylish functional office spaces that reflect their unique vision.

More than just an office makeover, we unlock your business potentials.
Our expertise goes beyond aesthetics, but optimizing workflow, boosting productivity, and creating office environments that inspire your team with our remodelling, designs, partitioning, aluminium installations, and glass systems.

Jeremiah Isa

Managing Director

Jeremiah Isa is the Managing Director of Jered Engineering and Designs Limited, a multifaceted professional who wears many hats in the world of engineering and office designs.
His expertise extends further, encompassing real estate portfolio management, façade design, glass Partitioning and drywall systems. Additionally, Jeremiah is a researcher in the field of Clay and Gypsum, constantly exploring innovative materials and techniques to push the boundaries of design possibilities.

With a proven track record of success spanning eight years, Jeremiah has established himself as an expert in the field of corporate office interior design and consultancy.
His dedication to excellence and commitment to client satisfaction have earned Jered Engineering and Designs Limited a reputation for delivering exceptional results, while shaping the future of corporate workspaces, one inspired design at a time.


Office Remodelling & Designs, Partitioning.
Aluminium installations, & Glass systems, Façade
Architectural 3D designs
Real Estate brokage



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